As far as we know, when there is a change in the address of the applicant, inventor, agent, or common representative, the applicant or the receiving Office should ask the International Bureau to record the change. However in most cases, the Receiving Office does not know whether your address has been changed until you notify them. If requested, the International Bureau records the change and notifies all Offices and PCT Authorities interested in the change accordingly.


The Request for recording of the change must be made in writing and may be sent either to the Receiving Office(RO) or to the International Bureau(IB). KIPO needs a concrete basis for record change, and your letter or fax regarding address change does not form that basis. Only an official document from the IB can cause this change. IB tends to move faster with such specific Requests from customers like you. When sending a fax to the IB, please describe all the PCT application numbers so that they can process your address change at one time.