Japan data Download

Patent Download Process

1. Go to “J-Plat Pat(Japan Platform Patent Information)” website.

* https://www.j-platpat.inpit.go.jp/

2. Fill out the patent number in the search box

A. Select the category of patents/utility models

B. Input number of desired patents/utility models.

* Japanese era(single digit alphabet + double digit number) - Consecutive numbers (6 digit) or Christian year(4 digit) - Consecutive numbers(6 digit)

* Japanese Era : Heisei = H,h, Showa = S,s, Taisho = T,t, Meiji = M,m

* Example : H27-00123 or 2015-00123




3. Documents that meet your criteria are displayed.

4. Click the patent or utility model you are looking for.




5. You can see the patent you are looking for, but you can’t download the patent as a PDF File !



6. Click the "Entire PDF Document".

7. Input the number shown in the picture.