What does IP Korea Center Inc.(IPKC) do?


PCT Korea Help-desk has opened a new channel for U.S. Patent Cooperation Treaty(PCT) applicants by IP Korea Center Inc.(IPKC) in Vienna, VA. IPKC provides direct free services for U.S. PCT applicants who designate the Korean Intellectual Property Office(KIPO) as their International Searching Authority(ISA) and/or their International Preliminary Examining Authority(IPEA). IPKC also assists you as an easy and quick contact point and as a substitute for KIPO in U.S. Whenever you call us with regard to any problem or inquiry, we are ready to serve your needs promptly. We also provide various IP information to customers on demand.


We have talented professionals, all of whom are either former patent information analysts who worked at KIPRO(Korea Institute of Intellectual Property Promotion) and patent Expert that have work experiences in U.S.


* KIPRO, a public institution affiliated with KIPO, supports the KIPO’s policies and offers various patent information services. KIPRO performs prior art/invalidity searches, patent classification assignments, prior trademark & design searches and the like. The KIPRO also provides value-added IP information services such as IP research, patent map, IP consulting and IP evaluation services.

From the early stage of establishment


2009. 01 IP Korea Center inc. is established by KIPRO

2009. 05 “PCT Help-Desk” opens

2010. 02 PCT document delivery service for the US applicants on behalf of KIPO

2011. 11 MOU with KAIPBA(Korean-American Intellectual Property Bar Association)

2013. 07 KIPO's contractor for PCT Help-Desk