KIPO's PCT ISA Portal System

1. Launched the new web portal(PCT ISA Portal) via KIPO homepage

KIPO's English website has provided one-click access system with the "PCT ISA Portal" where applicants will be able to easily process filling intermediate documents, check status, access PCT documents, and pay the fees via online.

The service path is: > click PCT ISA Portal > click PCT Status

Here is the link to check the status:


2. Changed Website and Email address

PCT Korea Center (IP Korea Center, Inc.) in its capacity as the PCT Korea Help-Desk for the Korean Intellectual Property Office assists related businesses and individuals with KIPO PCT matters in the United States. Starting on (November 1, 2018, US EST), IPKC changed its homepage address and email address to the following:

Homepage :

Email :

For the time being, we will still be utilizing the website and email address.

Thank you for your attention.

When you type in it will automatically take you to