Search & Analysis Services

The search is the foundation for a significant segment of IP innovation. Searching is the foundation upon which many opinions are based, therefore, the importance of good searching cannot be overlooked in all processes. A complete understanding of the classification system is a prerequisite to conducting quality searches. The class/subclass searching can be supplemented by conducting key word computer searches on various databases. Namely, the use of databases should generally be coordinated with a class/subclass search to optimize the search results. In most instances, searching can continually be extended into less relevant art areas found throughout the classification system

Our patent search service is composed of a patentability search, validity/infringement search, freedom to operate/right to use search and a state of the art search. Search scope includes both patent and non-patent documents. The patent document DB covers documents of Korea(KR), the United States(US), Japan(JP), Europe(EP), China(CN) and PCT publications(WO).

All patents that requested to be analyzed will be sent to our mother company, KIPRO, through IP Korea Center(IPKC). KIPRO(Korea Institute of Intellectual Property Promotion) has a longest history at patent searching market in Korea. KIPRO employs around 600 patent searchers that have engineering backgrounds.

Patentability Search

A patent search is a basic process used by an independent inventor before filing a patent application for his or her invention, or a company to manage its patent portfolio. Through this process, you can easily determine whether your idea is patentable and acquire useful information to enhance the patentability of your invention.

State of the art search

State of art searches are broad analysis of the current state of a given technology area. This is useful if your company is considering entry into a new technological area, and is used by inventors and small companies to obtain a picture of the patent landscape. Results can be used as a navigation.

InValidity/Infringement Search

Invalidity search can provide some prior art references that disclose claims that are infringed by the subject disclosure, enabling inventors/applicants to effectively take steps for patent dispute. All publicly available documents or evidence of public disclosure prior to the filing of the patent application are analyzed.

Infringement search is carried out to locate patents which might be infringed as part of efforts to prevent others from taking advantages from the invention claimed in your patent.

Documents Translation

The Korean and Japanese language tend to be an obstacle to an U.S. applicant's IP strategy.
Our translation service covers translation of Korean or Japanese documents into English in all technological areas.

Trademark / Design Search

KIPRO has an in-house database for the trademark and design documents which is published by KIPO. We provide a Trademark and Design search service for KIPO and other private customers.