First off, we can ask KIPO to resend the ISR/WO by email. 

Also please note, if you failed to received them, I wanted to reiterate the following steps in order to ensure that you receive future email notifications from KIPO. 


A. First, we ask that you examine your email inbox. Some of KIPO’s    notifications could have been directly quarantined into your spam folder, or the inbox might have been too full to receive KIPO’s emails. 

B. In order to ensure that you are receiving all possible documents from KIPO, make sure that KIPO’s email ( and domain( have been approved as safe addresses by your server.  Also your email system must approve of KIPO’s password protected zip files. Any firewalls, quarantines, and spam filters blocking password protected zip files must be lifted in order ensure all of KIPO’s notifications are received in a timely manner.