The KIPRIS web site ( provides free English abstracts called KPA(Korean Patent Abstract) for Korean patent applications published in or after January 2000, or for registered Korean patents from January 1979.

KIPRIS offers KPA, K2E-PAT and Free-machine-translation, total 3 different versions of English translation service.


First, KPA means Korea Patent Abstract.

KPA’s accuracy is relatively fine, because it is translated by humans.

However, it’s difficult to check claims or other details, because its translation range is only abstract of examined or unexamined publication.


K2E-PAT and free-machine-translation are machine translation services using a translation engine specialized in patent fields.

They offer more precise patent translation services than general machine translations. K2E-PAT and free-machine-translation are different when it comes to fee, accurate, translations, and detailed is images.


K2E-PAT charges for the use of their service, but usage of free-machine-translation is free.

And K2E-PAT’s dictionary has more words and sentence pattern than free-machine-translation, so K2E PAT offers more accurate translation service.

In addition, K2E-PAT offers pdf file including the patent’s full image, but the free-machine-translation offers pdf files with only the patent’s representative image.

An English abstract of Japanese patent document can be found on the following web site.