E-mail Notifications

Please be informed that the Korean Intellectual Property Office (KIPO) in its capacity as an International Searching Authority (ISA) and/or International Preliminary Examining Authority (IPEA) is prepared to send notifications to the applicants by e-mail from December 01, 2014.

The first notification of form PCT/ISA/202 from the ISA and the form PCT/IPEA/402 from the IPEA will include the password for opening the subsequent notification regarding each PCT international application concerned. Please keep your password in mind for further procedures.

It is recalled that it is possible to request, by indicating in Boxes II and IV of the request form (PCT/RO/101), that ISA and/or IPEA that is willing to do so send copies of notifications either:

• by e-mail as advance copies followed by paper notifications,or

• exclusively by e-mail

Where the e-mail authorization is given by both an applicant and an agent or common representative, the ISA/KR and/or IPEA/KR will send e‑mail communications only to the appointed agent or common representative.

Please note that it is the applicants responsibility to keep any e-mail address details up-to-date and to ensure that incoming e-mails are not blocked for any reason on the recipients side. In the case of a change to the e-mail address indicated in the request, applicants should request the change to be recorded, preferably directly at the IB(International Bureau), under PCT Rule 92bis.

It is also recalled that it is not possible for applicants to reply to such e-mail received from the ISA/KR and/or IPEA/KR, and the ISA/KR and/or IPEA/KR does not accept documents sent by applicants by e-mail.